Apartment Advisor: Top 19 Cities for Safe Solo Living

Apartment Advisor: Top 19 Cities for Safe Solo Living

Living alone in an apartment or home can be freeing, frightening, and a fun way to experience life. Getting to know yourself better, grocery shopping and cooking for one, and nobody else to blame for the dirty dishes. If you ever have the chance, and desire, to do so it can be a great way to challenge yourself and stay far away from any roommate drama.

Safety is also an important issue when living alone. You want to feel safe from property crime and of course, violent crime when walking down the street in your city or even just hanging out in your living room. Those who live alone can be especially vulnerable to attacks – so choosing a safe, clean city with low crime rates can be paramount.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the safest cities and towns in the US for solo apartment living. This list was created using population and crime statistics for the area, as well as inspiration from awards given by other publications.

You’ll notice a number of cities in California, and you may also recognize that all of the cities are hovering around the same population figures. These areas stood out to our team as safe places to live alone – click on the city name to see the available apartments with reviews on Apartment Advisor. Did your city make the list?

Glendale, CA

Population: 213,577

Single: 77,356

Crime: 44% lower than national avg.

Source: Apartment Advisor