Curbed LA: Take a Look at Glendale’s Plans For a Park on Top of the 134 Freeway

Curbed LA: Take a Look at Glendale’s Plans For a Park on Top of the 134 Freeway

24 acres of walking trails, event space, and greenery

By Bianca Barragan

Glendale’s plans to cap part of the 134 Freeway with a park are finally really starting to take shape. (There’s a plan to cap the 101 in Downtown and in Hollywood, plus a plan for a 60 Freeway cap in East LA and two 10 Freeway caps in Santa Monica, but none of those projects has moved very far in a long time.) New renderings for the cap park—Space 134—show what the 24-acre green space could look like, and give a better idea of how the park will be laid out, says Urbanize LA, citing a website from Glendale’s Community Development Department.

Working with the firm Melendrez, Glendale officials have created a concept plan that has the park set up as a kind of link between Glendale’s downtown area and its residential neighbors to the east. The segment of the park between Central Avenue and Louise would be oriented toward downtown, and would include a restaurant, a mobility hub with bike parking and rental facilities, and transit connections.

From Louise east to Balboa, in the more residential areas, there would be a playground, community centers, and sports courts. There would be three event spaces throughout Space 134, but the one in the downtown section could handle large-scale events like festivals. Much-desired walking trails will run the length of the cap park.

Space 134 will eventually extend for a .7-mile length of the freeway between Central and Balboa avenues, but will be built in phases, with the first phase to be built between Central Avenue and Brand Boulevard. Glendale’s planning on private and public funding sources to help pay for the cap park, which it hopes to start construction on after 2020.

Source: Curbed LA