Eventbrite: 5 New Spots to Eat and Drink in Glendale

Eventbrite: 5 New Spots to Eat and Drink in Glendale

By Matthew O’Shannessy Justin Higuchi

Glendale is all about the Americana at Brand. Whenever I go there, it’s to see a movie—but I have to admit there’s a kitschy pleasure in hanging out in the open-air mall’s micro-Disney atmosphere. It’s like an island of security-enforced wholesomeness in the middle of LA’s gloriously decadent seas.

If you often wish that there was somewhere else to eat besides Cheesecake Factory, you should know that the Americana is practically taking over downtown Glendale. A new expansion at Brand includes chains like Shake Shack, Philz Coffee and Greenleaf—plus a bar has been added to the original Americana location (if there’s one thing Glendale definitely needs more of, it’s bars).

In addition to the Americana development, a few new places have recently opened their doors. If you love cruising Glendale’s leafy streets (or even if you’ve never been there) there’s never been a better time to visit. Here are five places to hit up as Glendale’s star ascends.

Source: Eventbrite