Pasadena Weekly: City of Glendale Hosts ‘Jewel City Sparkles’

Pasadena Weekly: City of Glendale Hosts ‘Jewel City Sparkles’

By Annika Tomlin

Pasadena Weekly Staff Writer

The city of Glendale has stripped down its Fourth of July celebration, “Jewel City Sparkles,” to just fireworks, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less impressive.

“This year’s event due to the COVID restrictions that were just lifted (June 15), we weren’t sure exactly how strict or not strict they would be,” said Gabrielle Goglia, Glendale’s senior committee services supervisor.

“This year’s event is simply a fireworks show but it’s going to be quite a fun and beautiful fireworks show.”

The 9 p.m. Sunday, July 4, fireworks show will be visible near the intersection of Harvard Street and Brand Boulevard, and the surrounding Downtown Glendale area. The nonticketed fireworks show will run for approximately 20 minutes.

“Spectators are encouraged to view the show from anywhere in the area,” Goglia said. “This is part of the city of Glendale’s effort to revitalize the Downtown Glendale area as we open back up after the COVID-19 pandemic closures.

“We are asking the public to join us in celebrating Independence Day, reconnect with their favorite local businesses and enjoy our vibrant alfresco dining experience while watching the show.”

Restaurants like Karas, Bacari GDL and Frida Mexican Cuisine are recently reopened restaurants that provide ideal views.

“Really, what we are trying to do is invite people to come back down to their favorite restaurants,” Goglia said. “The alfresco dining was available to restaurants along Brand Boulevard.

“Everything is allowed to be open with indoor and outdoor dining now, but for the alfresco dining of course they will be sitting outside so they will be able to see the fireworks.”

Goglia added that all personal fireworks are prohibited — even those that seem safe and sane.

“We are asking the public to please join us at the show instead of putting off their own illegal fireworks. That way they can enjoy celebrating the holiday without breaking local laws.”

Source: Pasadena Weekly