Time Out: The Museum of Selfies is Opening in L.A.

Time Out: The Museum of Selfies is Opening in L.A.

By Michael Juliano

“I can’t even,” we appropriately sighed upon learning that a museum dedicated to selfies was coming to L.A. For those keeping count, this comes in addition to Happy Place, 29Rooms, Candytopia, Museum of Ice Cream and Museum of Failure.

But the photo-op-filled Museum of Selfies sounds like it actually might try to make good on its “museum” name. The space arrives in Glendale for a limited time this January with hands-on installations that examine the 40,000 year history, science, art and culture of self representation.

Of course, there will be plenty of Instagram-ready photo ops, with exhibits dedicated to specific shots like the “food selfie” as well as an Iron Throne made of selfie sticks.

The rest of the announced exhibits seem surprisingly in on the joke; the “high-up selfie” has less to do with flattering angles and more to do with a faux rooftop locale while the “bathroom selfie” finds visitors in “a two-sided room that lacks self-reflection.” That’s in addition to an entire section dedicated to narcissism that combines Greek mythology and statistics on the number of deaths from selfie-related accidents (We know, right? That took a turn.).

The museum will feature a to-be-announced proposed Guinness Book of World Records item, contemporary artists’ takes on selfies, as well as, presumably, these clever takes on works from Klimt and Van Gogh.

The Museum of Selfies is located at 211 North Brand Boulevard in Glendale. It opens in January 2018 and will be open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 8pm, plus weekends from noon to 10pm. Ticket cost $25; kids under three are free.

Source: Time Out